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Keno Straight Tickets

The concept of keno straight tickets is not very difficult to understand. It is nothing but a straight ticket that allows you to play a certain game. For example you bet for $15 and buy a ticket having number 15 then you are entitled to play only for that number. There is nothing complicated about these type of keno straight tickets and it is the most commonly bought ticket when someone is playing keno game either offline or online. This ticket is very useful for those who wish to try their luck only once and do not want to put hands in too many things at a time. However for all those who wish to play quite a few numbers of games it would always be advisable to go in for split tickets where different numbers can be clubbed into one ticket. But the biggest disadvantage with split tickets is the fact that the same number cannot be used for different games. However, when you buy these keno straight tickets you do not have this problem. You can use the same number for different games simply because you will be buying separate tickets for separate games.

The keno straight tickets are preferred by those who wish to play one game at a time and who believe in using the same number in different games. The advantage with these straight tickets is that you can pick up as many numbers as you wish. But some casinos have some upper limit. The wager amount will depend on the number you have selected. Suppose you put a wager of $1 and selected number five and in case you turn out to be a winner you will receive $5 and so on.

However in casinos that have a limit on the numbers that you can bet on, it would be better to go in for purchasing a few numbers at a time. Once you have exhausted on lot, you can buy the next set of keno straight tickets. If you wish to have more useful and relevant information about the various ways to buy these straight tickets, you should spend some time on the internet where all the pertinent information is available.